Women Like Us…..A Poet’s Look at Women of the Old Testament

Titus 2 received two copies of a wonderful book of poetry, “Women Like Us”, biblically inspired poems about women of the Old Testament. I am so excited to read these beautiful poems by Sharon Sewell of Montgomery, AL. Sharon and I have become acquainted through her church’s group that made quilts and blankets for people at Lynn Haven UMC. Sharon and I have chatted and know that we are “spiritual twins by the same Father.” She writes: “I loved writing them. Jesus woke me up in the middle of the night sometimes with words pouring through me. If I didn’t write them down, I lost the words. I learned to get up and write as soon as they flowed into my heart. No matter where I was!” I know that “flow” that just arises in the night or in the quiet early morning or in moments of solitude.

Today I was reading an article about Kentucky poet, Maurice Manning. He says, “Poetry is a means to wonder: Finding the answer isn’t the point. Expressing the wonder is the point.”

From “On Silence” (by Maurice Manning, Railsplitter)
…..And stepping away I learned my candor,
I learned how to pass my time in a phrase,
in a measured phrase of poetry,
and that is where I’ve tried to live.