Sad, but true…..

My husband serves on the board of a local agency that promotes and provides educational opportunities for preschool children. He’s been telling me for some time about the studies on how children who are read to from a young age develop language and reasoning skills compared to those whose lives are devoid of books and reading.

Today I was with a young mother and her 2 year old child. I suggested that she read him a book to entertain and comfort him. She looked at me as if I’d suggested she jump over the moon. She said to me that she is not a good reader and had never read a book to any of her three children. The sudden realization that something that I take so for granted was being denied these children brought tears to my eyes. It struck me as terribly sad. I recall my joy as a child, being read to and learning to read. I’ve watched my grandchildren’s joy from very young ages as they were read to by their parents and grandparents. All of them are voracious readers now.

Maybe in my retirement years I’ll volunteer as a reader at a preschool daycare…….