All in a day’s work….

On Wednesday evening I talked to my Mother by phone. She said she was thinking of having a yard sale Saturday and why didn’t I come for the day. I cleared the plans with Bill, then Thursday and Friday set about clearing out some drawers and closets, filling three boxes with miscellany to offer in the yard sale.

I arrived in Dothan at 6:15am. We hastely set up tables and unloaded and set up my things along with Mother’s and those of a friend of hers. It’s a good thing, too, because eventhough her sign out by the road clearly said “7 am to noon”, lookers started arriving while we were still unpacking.

For the next couple of hours business was steady and we were encouraged by how much we were selling. Several neighbors wandered by to visit, one sitting and staying for over an hour. When lulls occurred we had a nice time visiting with one another.

The laugh of the day occurred when a lady wanted to purchase a $1 item, but counted out only $.90. She said she’d go to her car and get another dime. When she got to the car she promptly got in it and drove off, having taken a 10% discount all on her own. We concluded that some people have a lot of gall and lie with apparent ease.

Mother commented on how much her mother, my Mother Green, had enjoyed having yard sales with her sisters Earlene and Esther. They would have them regularly at one another’s homes in Clayton or Eufaula, AL.

When all was said and done, at noon I had sold $105 worth of miscellany. Mother had sold in excess of $200 worth and Faye, who’d neglected to count the money in her change bag before beginning the day, had sold all but 3 items that she’d put out. We were all pleased with the morning’s effort. But more than the money in our change bags, we were pleased with the time we spent together. We shared lunch, packed up the few remaining items, stored away the tables, and I set out for home looking forward to the next yard sale at Mother’s.