Time away from interruptions

I am on a personal retreat at Blue Lake Camp in the Hospitality House, a small personal space for pastors and others to use for quiet time alone.  I needed some extended uninterrupted time to work on a Bible study for deacon ordination requirements.  It’s very low tech so, I had to go to the main office at Oakwood Lodge to access the internet to download Conference guidelines (which had gotten lost recently when Bill had to update and clean up my computer) and to do some additional work on the study while looking at a different view of the lake. Total hours invested so far in direct engagement with Ephesians and writing this study here at Blue Lake: about 20 of the last 42. The biggest part of the structure, format, and laying in of the objectives, titles and themes is done! Now I’m working on refining the first lesson….the one that has to be fully manuscripted for the board. The other 5, I remembered (by the grace of God), only have to be outlined. ( I’m so glad I remembered that and pulled the guidelines from the Conference website to confirm it or I’d still be writing this time two weeks from now!) This afternoon I will be laying in the content on the remaining 5 lessons. 

Yeah! I think I can, I think I can, I think I can. 

Everyone who feels led to teach in the church or in parachurch ministries, or who feels they have been given the spiritual gift of teaching, needs to try this at least once. This is the third time I’ve done this. It does get easier, but it still requires a lot of time! My hat is off to Beth Moore and all of the other faithful teachers who invest so much of their lives in writing quality Bible studies for Christians!

It’s amazing what can be accomplished when there are no interruptions. Although I do miss all of my “interruptions”- every one of you!. I heard it said once that, for Jesus, as for those who are in ministry doing His work today, it is the interruptions that define the work. Our plans are not what’s really important, but the unplanned things that God divinely appoints for us…..now THAT’s important! Enjoy the blessings that come your way today in every interruption!