Progression of a Stronghold…..

Be careful what you allow into your heart and mind:
Impression—> Obsession—> Oppression——> Possession
One seldom realizes she is in the grasp of something until after it’s too late to easily and safely escape unscathed.

Our culture is full of people and concepts vying for one’s attention. If one has no “guard” over her heart, as called to do by the Bible, then she is wide open to what may appear to be harmless fascinations…..until they are intertwined into her heart and mind and then, when it has insinuated itself into her beliefs, identity, and passion it will likely persist, even if it becomes self-injurious or harmful to others whom she loves. I have heard people ask, “Can a Christian be possessed by an evil spirit.” The short and simple answer, as I have understood it, is “no”. The indwelling of the Holy Spirit in a believer would provide protection against it. BUT Christians can be impressed, obsessed, and oppressed by spiritual forces of evil. That is why it is so important to be mindful about what we allow into our lives…..Christians CAN, however, it seems to me,be possessed by their own selfish or idolatrous desires.

Cases in point about things that can snare: 50 Shades of Grey and similar sensuously titilating and pornographic entertainment,, “recreational use” of drugs, smoking (even in pregnancy or with children present), “harmless” flirting with men other than one’s spouse, small lies about one’s past or one’s accomplishments, drinking daily with friends after work…..You can think of other things to add to the list, I expect.