Nothing is too small for God’s interest…….

I have written several times about shoes. This past week I had to face the fact that a favorite pair of slide-on sandals needed to be relegated to “junk-shoe-kick-about” status or thrown in the trash. They had been a daily and Sunday all purpose shoe. So I reluctantly put them by the washing machine in the laundry area to use when I need something on to take out the trash or walk to the mailbox.

And I set out for the mall to look for a replacement pair, realizing that I would probably have to accept something less in terms of preference and something more in terms of price. I expected to have to pay top price, which for me would be be no more than $60 to $75 for a good, sturdy pair of leather sandals. I expected to have to go to the pricey department store to have a chance of success.

But before heading to the pricey department store for sandals I stopped in JC Penney’s to pick up a spare pair of my favorite tennis shoe brand which was on sale and for which I had an extra $10 coupon. After paying for the tennis shoes, I decided to browse the rack of sale shoes, many of them sandals, at Penneys, not really expecting to find anything appropriate. I looked over the sandals and found them wanting on several counts….too flimsy, too trendy, etc.. and started out the door. Then,there by the exit aisle, on a display that I’d overlooked, was THE pair of sandals….very similar to the ones I’d just sidelined….sturdy, supportive, with just a touch of fashion appeal. And at half the price I’d prepared myself to pay! In that moment, I had the distinct impression of God smiling at me, delighting in giving me just what I needed and wanted.

Some would say that this is ridiculous, that God doesn’t care what kind of shoes I wear or how much effort I have to put into finding the right ones. But I think God does care. He knows the problems I have with my feet and how I prefer to not have to make choices each day about shoes…..instead just choosing my favorite all-purpose pair and go. I believe God directed me to JC Penneys, on a mission for tennis shoes, then put that pair of sandals in front of me to satisfy a desire of my heart. A coincidence? Not at all. God is interested in every aspect of our lives and delights in giving us good things, even sandals.

I cannot tell you how many times I have pondered a needed/desired item, then set out attempting to be a good steward in the matter, willing to accept something less than my “ideal”, if necessary, only to find the EXACT needed/desired item (or something even better!) at an unexpectedly good price.

If you have never tested God in this matter, I encourage you to do so. Ask Him to be with you in decisions over the daily matters of life. He loves going shopping with us! The next time you get a great bargain on something that you really needed or wanted, be sure to thank Him for His generous provision for your need!