Spirit, mind, and body……

Why is it that so many among those who call themselves “spiritual” talk and write about unity of the “body, mind, and spirit”? Almost to a person, when they speak or write of integration of these aspects, of holistic living, they put the elements in this order…… body, mind, and spirit.

It seems to me that this is evidence of an unconscious deference to the way the world, and how he who is the prince of the world, i.e. satan, would have us prioritize our lives. I am on a personal campaign to challenge, if not change, that way of thinking.

I have written now to several “spiritual” writers/teachers online about how their habitual, worldly-patterned way of speaking of the holistic person is in direct contradiction to their stated goal. If we are going to teach that one’s spiritual life should be preeminently important as a guiding focus of one’s entire life, then we have to reflect that in our teaching and speak of the integration of S(s)pirit, mind and body!

When we do get the spirit part of our lives properly focused- and in my personal belief system that means focused on the holy Person, Presence, Precepts, and Promises of the Christ of Christian scripture-then the other aspects, mind and body, take their proper place in our list of priorities. We will begin to give the proper time to each aspect according to how we prioritize them in our lives. Spirit should come first.