Fear’s Trojan Horse

Do you not know, the Enemy is already defeated….. he has no power except what we allow him to have by letting fear creep in….. that is the Trojan Horse he uses to ride into our hearts and minds, gaining access to our families and churches, and communities, and all the world. Only the Perfected and Perfecting Love of God, in the Persons of Jesus Christ and His Holy Spirit can deliver us from the Trojan Horses to whom we open the gate……and oh, what a work of salvation He has done and continues to do in each one who cries out when she realizes she has left the heart unguarded, for that is the route by which the Enemy seeks to enter first….. and it is done through a gift that is impressive, appealing, counterfeit, and deceptive….. that appeals to all the right temptations-lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, snd pride of life.