War….what is it good for?

Tonight I was reading a newsletter from an intercessory prayer ministry that I’ve been a part of for over a decade. The executive director was writing about working with members of Congress over the last 28 years. One Christian congressman that he worked for and traveled with had to wear a bullet proof vest under his suit because he was on Middle East terror hit lists. He said he and the congressman referred to their exploits on Capitol Hill and in foreign nations as “nuclear spiritual warfare”.

I have found myself or people I was praying for, from time to time, under particularly intense attack from the enemy. The experiences I’ve had in talking with them, praying with them, praying for them, and considering their (or my) circumstances and what God might be doing in those circumstances have led me often to new insights and understanding about spiritual warfare. At one point, after a particularly helpful understanding, I was reflecting on the battle and characterized it as “new clear spiritual warfare”! The whole point of the process seemed to be to harden me, to fit me for further battle. Those kinds of “explosions” are welcome ordinance!