Water Pistols, Flies, and Termites

From 5/21/2019

Someone told me today that he envisioned me as marching on the gates of hell with a water pistol. I’d had another describe my efforts in spiritual battle as being more like a fly on the rump of a stallion. LOL! I guess others see my efforts in spiritual warfare as pretty pathetically paltry and having little power or impact. I had even described my own spiritual work as guerilla warfare and myself as a subterranean termite in the war against evil……having to tunnel underneath sometimes to undermine and attack……..which made the person laugh to whom I was talking.

I don’t command a brigade. I have no armory. I have little in the way of tactical or strategic equipment. But God has called me a warrior and told me that I am a victor. He’s given me a battle plan and a place from which to launch other beach heads. We’re in no hurry. We truly have all the time in the world…….. ever how long it takes.

Any fight in Christ’s name is a good fight because in the end he judges the outcome, not a person’s ability. I simply do what I’m called to do. I’m not responsible for what results from simply being obedient. God is.