Privileged to speak….

I have been invited to be the keynote speaker for a spiritual enrichment retreat next March. Though it’s over eight months away, I have already had to put to paper an outline for the weekend’s messages on rather short notice. It’s not as hard as one might imagine. I have begun to observe in myself a pattern of certain themes that are repeated again and again in my teaching, all of them having been arrived at through a combination of study, illumination, and hard won experience.

Now that I’m discipling women in an intensive type program that has complete turnover about every four to six months, I get a lot of opportunities to rehearse those themes, too.

I know that I have gained knowledge for the task. I also have passion for it. I pray that God will give me the ability to present the gospel in an appealing way, to excite and attract people to Him.

Our title for the event will be “Arise: Take Flight!” I will be using some video clips of Monarch butterflies at various stages of development as a supplement to our discussion and talking about the process of spiritual maturity.