David Powlinson “On Mission”

Following Jesus is hard. Sin compromises us. Hardships discourage us. Our bodies betray us. We get stuck in conflict. The sheer uncertainty of life means that no day ever turns out exactly as you expect.
But following Jesus brings sanity, purpose, joy, and peace. We grow, in and through the hardships…… What does it look like when one’s mission is being fulfilled? We aim to change conversations people have with the Lord and with one another.
– The way people respond to suffering and sin orients to Jesus Christ .
– The way people help others expresses practical mercy and truth.
– Churches step into crises with clarity and confidence about who God is, what he says, and how to help.
– We think biblically about complex and confusing problems in order to move forward (and not away from) people who are very different.
– We understand progressive sanctification and recognize that change is often hard won. We rejoice even for small growth that displays faith and love.
Our vision as believers is to live out our calling as disciples through a deep and rich relationship with God, making our churches places where wise help can be found in times of hardship. – David Powlinson, Christian Counseling and Education Fund