Wisdom from Sean Dietrich in his social media blog post for January 1, 2018: “This year, it’s okay not to achieve your dreams. It’s okay to come in last place. There is no exit exam for life. No gradebook……….Some people are made for greatness………And then there are people like me…….

But that doesn’t mean I’m not important. And the same goes for you. People like us must mean something to the Man Upstairs, because he made so many of us.”

People have been posting their “word for the year ahead.” I think mine is “enough”. For at least 50 years I’ve been hurrying toward whatever I thought it was that God had waiting for me, striving, pursuing the passions of my heart, achieving, working, accomplishing, and sometimes failing, but never giving up. I’m still not giving up. But for the year ahead I will be intentional about letting each day be enough for itself and me, receiving graciously what God provides in the moment, without regrets about the past and without undue expectations of the future. I can rest in the joy that God is present in each moment, that I am fulfilling the plan that God has for my life, and that I will not miss anything that God has desired that I would have. Over the last few weeks as I prepared for a lesson that I taught yesterday, the word “all-sufficient” in regard to God’s character kept rising to the top. When one understands the all-sufficiency of The Great I AM, there is no more for which one needs to strive. “The Lord is my Shepherd, I shall not want…..” I have enough. I do enough. The people in my life are enough. I am enough. God is more than enough for whatever I need.