Me, too.

Jesus ministered to all – sinner and saved alike- everywhere he went. He fellowshipped with the disciples who were with him most of the time for 3 years. But he enjoyed close community with Peter, James and John They went places others didn’t and he showed them aspects of himself few others would see and know. He also admonished those who knew the law but would not hear the truth of his grace and salvation available to all people.

I want all of Jesus that I can have…..I want his healing ministry in my life. I want the day to day fellowship with him as I enjoy the guidance, learning, and social engagement with others who bear his Holy Spirit. And I want the profound, sacred, holy communion, covenantal moments among those few who desire all that they can have, too. And I will gratefully receive the discipline that is evidence of and assures me that I am his precious beloved child!

What do you want out of your relationship with Christ? Are you ready to say “Me, too” to something different?