CAT 5: Wind Is Wind

The day after the Hurricane Michael that hit 10/10/18 Bill said,”well, we can cross surviving a CAT 5 hurricane off our bucket list.” Me: “What bucket list? I didn’t know we had a list.”

Reports have said Michel’s winds were 2mph below CAT 5 rating. I’ve discovered that with winds at that velocity 2 mph doesn’t make a lot of difference. It’s kind of like the heat……once you get over 90 degrees it’s a moot point. Hot is hot. Once you get over 120 mph, wind is gonna really rip stuff up! Seeing a 3 foot+ diameter pine snap like a toothpick is a bit daunting.

Bill said if it weren’t for all the limbs on the roof holding it down we might have lost it, too. The ribbed metal roof we put on 4 years ago has been worth the money. I have no doubt we’d be in far worse shape if we still had the old shingle roof.