Stuck…..frustration or opportunity?

The holidays were joyous! Children and grands were all here at once…an abbreviated version of “cousins’ camp” that my husband and I both enjoyed greatly. The toy-of-the year in our household was Nerf guns. We made a couple of runs back to Target for more “ammo” to keep everyone happy. We got a kick out of watching boys and girls on maneuvers in the back yard, shooting at anything that moved. (The cats made themselves scarce!) I’ve heard from a number of people that their kids got Nerf guns, too. Wish I’d bought stock in the company that makes Nerf stuff.

This first week of the New Year – Y2K10 – has started out very well. I’ve gotten a number of “close out” projects from 2009 done at work and at home. All that remains of the 2009 year for me is to prepare the tax return. I’m awaiting the accountant’s packet to do that and the arrival of the various 1099’s and W-2’s. For a task-oriented compulsive personality like me, having a sense of closure is heavenly!

I’ve had two conversations recently with individuals experiencing being in the midst of clouded places where they can’t see the “destination” or even the direction of the “path” at this point in their lives. I think many of us who value the sense of accomplishment that we get from progress toward our goals and completion of tasks struggle in those parts of our life’s journeys in which we seem stalled, delayed, deadended, or even disoriented by circumstances. I find myself offering empathic agreement and encouragement to persevere in the journey, avoid impulsiveness, and to simply rest in the stall or traffic jam! I have learned that lesson the hard way… rest in God when He seems to have allowed me to move right into the middle of a traffic-jammed or fog shrouded stretch.