Of The World Or Of The Kingdom

From 8/27/21. CBB

From Revelation: Before the Day of the Lord, during tribulation, only those who receive the mark of the beast will have the “currency” to buy and sell in the earth.

One has to understand the beast of the sea and the beast of the land to grasp what is the “mark” of the beast. And since it is a mark in the spirit primarily, and upon the soul and body to a lesser degree, only one with a spirit awakened with Christ, is able to discern through resurrection eyes and ears to see and know and avoid it. Also one has to understand God’s invitation to live in his eternal kingdom HERE and NOW.

But when one breaks free of dependence upon the rules, rulers, and the economy of the earth and learns the principles of the kingdom of God, the mark of the beast is irrelevant, as all that one needs can be provided through the Body of Christ! Satan HATES it when even a single one escapes the shackles of the mark of the beast and lives free!

How perfect that JD Walt of Seedbed.comb asked in Wake Up Call readers today how “invested” one is in the present evil age. Only those invested in it will have a need to buy and sell in it, they are its stockholders in it, and those who will need the mark of the beast to distinguish them. They have invested their treasure in it and desire the mark of the beast, which marks them as bearing the spirit of the anti- Christ so they can buy and sell. Those whose treasure is fully invested in the Kingdom of God bear the mark of Christ, his Holy Spirit, and have no need of buying and selling in the marketplace of this present age’s evil stock in trade…. They work in the economy of giving snd receiving, of sharing “all things”together. Every evil age of man, every single one since the Fall, has been asked the same question, “where will you invest your treasure? Which mark will you bear? That of the world or that of the kingdom of God in Christ? Where will you LIVE?” They are both right here, right now.