God’s Perfect Timing

I will never again blow my horn at someone ahead of me who fails to jack-rabbit-start at a green light! ( I’ve never been real quick to do so as it seems a good way to get shot by someone with road rage in our world today.)

I was on my way to a yoga class, in the left turn lane, first in line to turn from Hwy 77 South to West 11th St. I didn’t start fast enough for the lady behind me who blew her horn at me to go on. Immediately after her blow a pick up truck came racing from the west side of 11th St and blew through the now red light on his side as he headed through the intersection toward Harrison Av. If I had jumped out into the lane, eyeballing only the green turn light, he would have t-boned my door or lost control trying to swerve somewhere else.

After he blew through, I turned and went on to my stop a block down on West 11th St., putting on my left turn signal to go in the parking lot and she blew around me on the right.

Lord, protect me from drivers in a hurry to get home at 5:30pm.

When I got into our practice session, Cinda started the group with this devotional she had opened her book to:

…….”But what about gifts God tucks away into our day with much more subtlety? Do we notice the way the lights turn green at every intersection as we raced our way against all odds to get to work on time? ……”

Sometimes God delays our automatic reaction to a green turn light to protect us from someone else hurrying through a yellow light that turned red before he got there.

I was clearly on the reverse of that “gift” in the devotional in catching a red light and having my eyes wander a minute rather than watching the light and tapping my toe on the brake waiting to hurry at its turn to green into the path of an accident ready to happen. There was nothing subtle about God’s protection of me in that moment. (CBB 5/3/2022)