Perfect timing

God’s timing is always perfect. Ours, on the other hand, is often marred by the desire to make sense out of circumstances and the earnest hope that, given a little more time things can be worked out for the benefit of all involved. It seems fitting on Holy Week that there be at least one sacrifice…….that the hard work and joy of many people building something beautiful be abandoned to others willing to take credit for things they have had no part in building and surrendering to the reality that power in this realm does not often deal gently with those willing to give the full measure of their strength to obedience to Christ. The lesson of the this Holy Week, expressed in personal terms, though it was also Christ’s message over 2000 years ago,is this: Ministry is not a place. It is a calling to a particular purpose and to a particular people in the name of Christ. My role as a female called to ordained ministry for the healing of women in crisis is as sure now as it ever was. I have discovered that while that is valued in some quarters and by some people, the world often misses the fact that it was the women who were the first to see the Risen Christ, the first to speak to Him, and the first to report His victory over death. We are not, as some have stated bluntly “cursed by God since the Fall to desire to be in control.” Have no doubt, God, not man (nor woman) is firmly in control. Continuing as a woman desiring the heart of God, I remain faithful to His call on my life.