God Restores

Nearly two decades ago,  God did a work of restoration in my own life.   In gratitude and praise, I asked Him what He wanted from me.   I was prepared to do whatever He desired- teach, travel, witness, write, labor, etc.   God’s response to my prayers was, “I will bring them to you.  Just do what you’re given to do each day.”   I have been doing that as the Lord led – facilitating a women’s depression impact group, teaching in church and equipping adults to use their gifts in service to others, volunteering with Celebrate Recovery since its start in Bay County, studying for counseling and the ministry of reconciliation,  and serving individuals seeking addiction recovery, employment, housing, transportation, and relational healing through a counseling vocation.

The passion and purpose of Titus 2 Partnership is discipleship instruction and helping broken, marginalized women find wholeness in life, not fundraising, although funds are necessary to provide for the needs of these women until they are healed and equipped to do it for themselves! Our $40,000-$60,000 annual budget to see 12-15 lives transformed and leading to restored families, strengthened churches, and more productive communities seems like a modest investment for such a priceless return, plus the eternal benefits!  Titus 2 Partnership is entirely volunteer operated by Christians with hearts to participate with God in the life-altering work of restoration who have been doing this work already for years in other arenas, so the work is well defined and the hearts and hands are equipped. It is an act of faith to do it without salaries, offices, or support staff ……just direct services to the women, accountable to one another and a volunteer board of directors with experience in the same kind of services, trusting God to provide the means for the work that He desires us to do.
Cathy Byrd