Less Is More

Last year at this time we were evaluating our present Titus 2 residential facility utilization and determined that our utilization of bed/ nights had declined, stays had shortened, and fewer calls for long term care were being received.  In the first quarter we made the decision to downsize from serving 4-5 women at the time to serving 2-3 at the time for shorter periods…. from 6-8 months to 3-5 months.  It has been a sizable effort to scale all activities for the smaller workload, but it has worked well and we are now in the final stages of the transition. In first quarter 2023 we will be directing more care toward outpatient community care, while continuing with residential care for 2-3 women at the time.  we are still pursuing a holistic approach but by working with few women at once, we can give more attention to each o r’s specifically targeted goals.  It’s more enjoyable and less frantic than a “full house”  regimen!

We look forward to the opportunities ahead in 2023 for transformational life recovery ministry!


Titus 2 Partnership, Inc. Envisions the Future.

We have available to our county several insurance-paid local 30-day in-patient substance abuse programs, a 60 day state-supported residential program, 90-day in-jail programs, multiple sober houses, church-sponsored recovery residences and transitional programs for women seeking substance abuse transition after short term treatment. The number of individuals willing to commit to longer term, six to 12-month residential life recovery, doing intensive twelve step work in a faith-foundational environment are fewer and fewer. Titus 2 is evaluating the continued need for its long term substance abuse residential program as we look to 2022. Other opportunities for transformational ministry to women with life-limiting crises are being explored.

The speed with which addiction destroys lives seems to have accelerated. If survived, the time one is willing to commit to worship-and-work-focused holistic life recovery seems also to have decreased. As soon as one’s immediate crisis is addressed and she regains a sense of peace and reconciliation with God, self, and others, and has job opportunities restored and financial stability is enabled, individuals appear ready to resume their lives, often much as they were before. Additionally, fewer seem willing to address nicotine addiction, along with their other addictive patterns to enter a smoke-free environment.

Because there appear to be so many more shortened and less comprehensive options available and desired, we have seen less demand for the long term structured program we offer and are in prayerful consideration about discontinuing long term residential options for substance abuse recovery.

Instead we see an opportunity for short term intensive spiritual nurture for those who are already detoxed or have no need of substance abuse treatment and desire a brief stabilizing environment to strengthen their relationship with Christ to assess their options before continuing their daily lives.

Titus 2 has tested intensive Christian education and spiritual formation activities of 3 days’ to 2 weeks’ duration for some that do not need long term substance abuse treatment, but that introduce the value of Christian discipleship and developing a biblical strategy for living. Individuals coming for short term intensive Christian life recovery would need to have a plan in place for resuming their work and family commitments after the specified sabbatical stay.

Please join us in prayer as we envision the future of Titus 2’s ministry to women in emotional crisis for whom spiritual emergence is a desired goal.

Thank you for your prayers and support for our ministry.