Revealing Innate Idolatry

“Boston pastor Adam Mabry’s book Stop Taking Sides reminded Christians to take elections seriously, but also “trust Jesus, receive peace, and refuse the anxiety that betrays an innate political idolatry.”

I never thought rabout how “anxiety betrays an innate idolatry…. “That is a helpful insight and something to be aware of in the future. Anxiety, also expressed as “worry”, suggests that we are desiring an outcome that we fear we may not get. That does seem quite contrary to trusting God who is our all-sufficient “I Am.” We still may not get what we want or had hoped for, but our Loving Father will certainly provide what we need….. and more!

To “worry” always seemed to imply one was fearful about something or on behalf of someone specific who could be named. Anxiety, on the other hand often seemed to be a more generalized state of being and non-specific. It may be a bit more difficult to identify and dispel that which causes anxiety. One thing seems clear: whether we are aware or not of the specific issue about which we worry or feel anxiety, the solution is greater trust in the Lord, affirming God’s sovereignty and goodness, and seeking the peace and consolation of the Holy Spirit within.