Some people do not know how to take my directness. Others, even when they will not admit it to anyone else, tell me privately that they are grateful for the fact that I am as transparent as I am, that it helps them examine and clarify some of their own thoughts and values (even when they are different from mine), especially about matters related to spiritual formation and personal faith. Many people are so private with their faith and the struggles they encounter that they miss the opportunity to experience the Holy Spirit’s work in interdependent community…sharing in one another’s lives in an emotionally and spiritually intimate way that brings relief from the burdens of life and increases the capacity to trust God and God’s people. It is sad to me that few really are willing to trust God fully. It prevents them from trusting anyone else, as well, to the extent one can trust another person. They also miss the opportunity to discover how present God is and willing to guide and instruct us in the daily little things of life.


  • What You See Is What You Get.    (8/10/2015)