Accountability and Spiritual Growth

Accountability is a key issue in community as lived and practiced at Titus 2.  Those who cannot accept being held accountable and will not hold others accountable do not succeed in Titus 2.  This article by Ashley Nelson has been adapted to the needs of our students, instead of as written for women in ministry, so that these points can be discussed with our students.  I hope it helps others.



3 WAYS ACCOUNTABILITY ADVANCES THE KINGDOM OF GOD   2/1/17    (adapted for Titus 2 students from original article by Ashley Nelson at

We are not meant to walk the road of faith alone but instead with kingdom advancing relationships.

I have seen first-hand the difference these relationships can make in my own life and the advancement of the Kingdom. As God began calling me out of the casual and into the intimate things of God, I sought out others who were like-minded and invited them to hold me accountable.

And it has made an immense difference in how I live and lead. When we surround ourselves with spiritual accountability, we will discover 3 ways that God uses accountability to advance His kingdom:

Accountability sharpens.  Proverbs 27:17

We have all probably said, ”iron sharpens iron”  a thousand times, but it is so true! For me, this is best exhibited through a time that I protect every week to sit over coffee and talk with a trusted friend about Scripture and what God is teaching us, then we pray together. The sacrifice of protecting this time every week is worth it. God has blessed us with friendship, clarity and laughter. We are sharper for having invested in our relationship and we use our growth to honor the Lord.

Accountability strengthens.  Ecclesiastes 4:9-10a

There is an enemy who wants us to continue in sinful habits. It is amazing how the lure of secret sin loses its power in the light of openness with God and trusted friends. When I verbalize my convictions, then I put the enemy on notice and allow others the ability to hold me accountable. We are better together and when we pray for each other, we grow strong to overcome sin and the whole kingdom benefits through our testimony.

Accountability softens.  Ephesians 4:32

I am not usually an open and vulnerable person. However, I have found that God cannot receive glory from a secret. We need a safe place to talk about what God is teaching and growing in us. Leaders and ministers need to be stirred by the gifts of compassion, love and grace that others have, and let them minister to us. When we find safe spiritual accountability then we are softened by the unconditional love that only God’s character produces.

Let’s be purposeful to invite others to walk alongside us and keep us accountable – and watch as God uses these relationships to further His glory.

Adapted to the personal walk of Titus 2 students in accountability by Cathy Byrd based on original article by:

Ashley Nelson, Director of Partnership Development at Water Wishes, Inc., an organization that aims to bring clean water solutions to water distressed communities all over this world.

3 Ways Accountability Advances Kingdom Work