A Busman’s Holiday

For years I was aware of my grandmother and at least two of her four sisters from time to time having yard sales together.  They would gather at one another’s homes, gather their excess items or handmade crafts or rooted plants they had cultivated and spend the day together having a nice visit and making a few dollars at the same time.  Such days became social events, almost like a festive holiday, fun with a purpose.  My Mother or others would sometimes join them for the fun.  They would enjoy a picnic lunch while sitting in the shade of the carport and chatting with one another, neighbors, and shoppers.

Yesterday’s yard sale at Titus 2’s residence was a little like that….pleasant conversations, leisurely, fun.

This morning as I awoke the words “busman’s holiday” were firmly printed in my brain.  It is not a phrase with which I am familiar.  Thankfully, Google allows one quick access to finding information about the origin and meaning of such trivial phrases.  “A holiday that you spend doing the same kind of thing that you usually do for your job.”

I had spent pleasant time with friends in conversation and a picnic lunch and made some money to support something that is important to me.  It did seem a bit like a holiday!  I chuckled to think about spending what felt so pleasant and holiday-ish raising money and sharing with shoppers information about Titus 2!

I think that’s exactly what I had….”a busman’s holiday!”