Communicating My Witness

I reveiwed the archives of my blogging on this site, which has gone on since 2005. I realized that my blogging was fairly consistent for several years- several entries most every month of the year. Then in 2011, the number of blogs dropped precipitously and this year is has also been very limited. These two years have been filled with classes in seminary, a very time consuming endeavor and one that requires a lot of writing. So it is no wonder that I have had limited time and energy for blogging. But there is another factor to consider. These two years have been marked by my entry in the facebook world. I realize that I’ve posted more frequently on facebook, which requires little- just a quick status update. Weblogging requires much more- a topic, thoughtful reflection, and coherent writing.

More people view my facebook page than my blog. The feedback provided there may be a positive reinforcer for more participation. My blog tends to be more for my own articulation of my thoughts. When I started blogging that is exactly what I intended, but it was also the beginning of me allowing others into my “journaling” world, if they desired to do so. I have been journaling since 1990 and have quite a collection of bound ledgers with notes, quotes, prayers, rants, and raves.

I am finding now that I am desiring to return to the more reflective, lengthy format of blogging. It is an outlet for me. It is also easier than writing by hand in the ledgers that I have used for years! So I print out my weblog entries and post them in a three ring binder in chronological order so that they become a part of my journal collection! Why do I do it? Who cares? Again, it is for me. From time to time I go back through and read some of the entries. It helps me to see the things that God is working on in my life. It helps me to see the changes in my life more clearly. It is a way of remembering what God has done and is doing in my life. In Scripture God told his people time and time again to remember all that he had done for them. This exercise in jotting down my thoughts is, in part, to help facilitate that for me. In years to come when I can no longer report the things first hand that God has done, my witness will, I hope, still stand to testify to the goodness, sovereignty, and intimacy of God.