Compressed semesters…..

I have gotten started in a masters program at a local campus of an out of state university. The semesters are compressed into 9 weeks and the year consists of 5 semesters. It will enable me to complete my desired degree in less that a year and a half. But what a price one pays for this fast track! I am swamped with required reading and weekly papers to be written and semester projects that have to be fast tracked, as well! Trying to juggle all the assignments and check off all the requirements for course completion has me really struggling to adjust my calendar and schedule to get it all done. Into the third week now, I’m beginning to get the hang of it, I think. At least I’m able to get the laundry done again in the course of the week between work time on the computer and time in class.

A friend of mine finished college and then attended seminary, mostly online. She would tell me how many books she was reading, papers she was writing, and online activities she was having to log into. I wondered how she managed it all. She would just say, “you do what you have to do.” And, as a mutual friend of ours had told her, you get to the point that you accept that a “C” is good enough for some things. I’m not to that point yet. I’m feeling the pressure of wanting to excell while doing what I have to do. We’ll see how that works 3-4 semesters down the line…..