Conflict of interests…..

My husband and I have been in a ‘new to us’ home for about six months. I had made a resolution to try and be more attentive to the plants at this home, which has a lovely yard. I had even begun to nurture some very nice potted plants in the lanai on a garden cart. All 7 pots of various plants were looking quite healthy and thriving with a minimum amount of nurture from me. Then hubby decides that the house must be power washed…….
Well, power washed it was and now all my plants are dying. They evidently got a stout dose of bleach in the process, as the contractor neglected to move the cart out of the lanai before hosing it down. So…. we have lovely white trim and dead and dying plants.
If we ever have the house power washed again (which I will oppose), I will at least endeavor to assure that anything that is green and that I wish to remain so will be moved before they come.
I guess the moral of that story is, we can either have a home which is clean or one with some mildrew that at least supports greenery. I’ll never look at another house that ‘needs’ power washing again and think them negligent. Instead I will assume that they love their shrubbery and blooming plants more than ultra white trim! And as for me, since I know I’ll lose in any opposition to the perceived necessity of power washing, I guess I’ll just get used to having meager, sickly plants or no plants at all.