Divine Economy

“The word, “plan,” is, in the Greek, oikonomia – economy. It means an order, an administration, a way of “keeping house” that flows from a set of priorities through a bank of resources into a new order on earth, one that reflects the way things are in heaven. There is a divine economy, and God is setting it up in our midst, right now, today, and every day of our lives. We are part of that great plan, and thus it behooves us to understand as much as we can about it, so that we can make our way in the divine economy according to God’s purposes and designs.

“Go therefore and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19Priorities and practices
Any economy of any kind has priorities and practices which sustain and advance it.
In the divine economy, where the overarching objective is to bring God’s beauty, goodness, and truth to light within human culture and society, all our activities must be directed to this end. It will make our task that much easier if we are able to attack our responsibilities and duties in the divine economy according to some graspable categories……. (T.M. Moore, “The Divine Economy”, Colson Center for Christian Worldview)

What I, in my role as a deacon, do is educate and assist individuals to understand and embrace the Divine Economy. Yesterday our Boundaries session at Titus 2 focused on Isaiah 1:18-19…”If you are willing and obedient, you will enjoy the prosperity of the land. If you resist and rebel, you will be destroyed by the sword.” We talked about the consequences of our behavior…in the spiritual realm, not necessarily the physical realm. (We do not teach “prosperity gospel”) The prosperity we experience as a result of following God’s will and being obedient is peace, contentment, simplicity, joy, assurance of God’s presence and provision for our needs, and more. It is the church that is to reflect this Divine Economy in the world and assist others to enter into it.