Hi-O, Silver!

“It must have been God’s will in my words.” How true it is that God often uses his people to speak to another person. It may be words of admonishment, instruction, or encouragement. I am aware of how often God does it through people in my life.
This morning Bill was dozing in bed as I dressed to head out for my day. He was not aware of my tasks or destination except just “Titus”. As I put on my final earring he stirred and said, “ I just had the strangest dream. There were cowboys in white suits and hats riding. And Tonto was with them.” I started laughing.

I told him that I have an appointment with a public defender about a case in which there is quite a bit of injustice and potential conflict. Praying for the best but also anticipating steps that might be required if it doesn’t go as we hope, I had just completed a text message five minutes earlier to an attorney friend for an off the record conversation about “next step” actions and contacts. I laughed to think that God has already dispatched his “white hats” to go before us! I’m feeling a bit like a Native American sidekick to Jesus at the moment! LOL.

However the appointment turns out I know God’s got this!