How time flies……

Today I was visiting with a friend and talking about events that occurred in 1997. Remembering the things that were going on in my life then and considering how much has changed about me since then, I am struck by how little the outward circumstances of my life have changed while the inward conditions are so totally different! It is amazing what a difference a few years can make in one’s feelings, goals, hopes, satisfaction, etc. It’s been a time of midlife transition for me. I’m finally feeling mostly through it, thankfully. Does that mean I’m now officially middle aged? If my knees and feet are an indication, I’d say most definitely!

What a joy it is, though, to have arrived at a place where I can have a little more perspective on life’s tribulations. Also, to have had enough experience with God’s provision to know that He is, without a doubt, trustworthy, steadfast, and benevolent is also good. Some things can only be known through personal experience with them. Knowledge of God’s character seems to be one of those things for me. I’d heard it all my life, but it’s taken clinging to Him through a few storms to discover how capable He is of meeting my needs in all circumstances.

Tonight in our depression impact group we talked about how God uses problems to direct, instruct, and correct us. I would like to learn to be teachable enough so that I don’t always have to learn by means of a problem. That, I think, is why we have the Bible. When we get to the point that we’re ready to learn some way besides one trauma after another, we will get serious about studying it!