Mentoring Types

Below are definitions of nine different types of mentors you should have in your life. Make it your goal to have these different types of people as part of your mentoring team to help you succeed. In addition, strive to fill one or more of these roles in someone else’s life. The rewards are tremendous!

1.            The Challenger – Challengers ask the tough questions that help you analyze your situation realistically.

2.            The Cheerleader – A Cheerleader is someone who will be genuinely happy for you when you succeed and who will cheer you on when you might be struggling.

3.            The Coach – Coaches can suggest strategies for solving problems you might not have considered, and can help you think “bigger picture” on ideas and possible solutions.

4.            The Connector – The Connector gets satisfaction from making connections and are happy to share their personal and professional network with others.

5.            The Educator – Educators love to help others by sharing their wisdom.

6.            The Idea Generator – The Idea Generator takes on the role of “thought partner” and helps you to open your mind to new experiences and new opportunities.

7.            The Librarian – The Librarian has a wealth of information on your community, clubs, organizations and support systems.

8.            The Super Star – Find people who you admire. Spend time with them and get to know their routines, their resources, how they go about their days.

9.            The Teammate – Some days you just need an awesome listener. Someone to remind you that it’s okay; tomorrow is another day.

A truly great mentor often embodies more than one of these personality traits. Look for mentors that know when to step in, when to push, when to teach and when to inspire.  Making these connections and having these relationships available to you means that you can pull from these resources whenever you might have the need. Take a moment and reflect on what you might also have to offer to someone else. Be aware of the needs of others around you and offer your time and expertise if you are able. Mentoring can be a very rewarding experience for all involved!