staying humble….

If buying a personal watercraft had any potential for being an idol for me, yesterday’s delivery of it and the next two hours presented a challenge to that risk and helped me put it in proper perspective. The dealer delivered it to a boat landing about a quarter of a mile from the house and family members drove it to our dock. They rode for about 30 minutes. Shortly thereafter another business delivered a polypropylene Jet T dock for it. Because of the difficulty in carrying the Jet T dock to the lake from our front driveway it also was to be taken to the boat landing and towed back to our dock with the PWC. As the delivery man’s assistant got on the PWC to go to the landing, he revved the engine and plowed it into the stair railing on the dock resulting in a lengthy gash in the front panels. I felt the sudden sinking feeling of seeing the depreciation accelerate on this newly delivered boat. Thankfully, the dock delivery man accepted responsibility for the mishap and is working out payment for the repair with the dealer to the tune of about $700.
I felt that God was challenging me to keep the possession of such a pricey “toy” in perspective. Don’t let it own us. We’ve been so very blessed, but I still feel uncomfortable at times with purchasing and owning such “frivolous” accessories. The dealer tells me that the life of the PWC should be 15-20 years. That should insure many happy family times with grandchildren at the lake. That is what I have been picturing.