The more things change…….

In the last two weeks I’ve been notified that my boss of eight years, who also hired me for my current job, has accepted a promotion to another position. I am feeling some anxiety as I wait to meet my new soon-to-be boss. I’ve enjoyed a good relationship with the current boss, having found many similarities in our beliefs not only about work but about faith and family matters, as well.

While confessing to some anxiety, my modus operandi is to ‘expect the best’. I am trusting that I will find similar compatibilities with the new boss. I hope that in the year ahead we will become comfortable with one another and that I will find the next few years with my company as satisfying and happy as the last eight have been.

In the industry I am in one’s supervisor makes or breaks the job. He is either your good friend or you’re quite miserable, or so I’ve been told by many who’ve experienced several bosses during their careers. I’m looking forward to making a new friend.