Titus 2 Budget Planning and Year End Donation Requests

Someone asked this week how Titus 2 is supported…My reply was that our ministry is supported by faith and the favor of God, donations from the community and modest student fees of families that are able to pay and students once they advance to the point of transitional employment. We don’t hire fundraisers or put on expensive bashes. We have not increased our fees in the 5 years since we started. We hold occasional yard sales. We depend on word of mouth, on prayer, and on God to turn the hearts of people who understand the urgent need to provide for people who have nowhere else to turn.
Our ministry operates on about $50,000 a year and impacts 12-15 women a year in residential recovery. Our biggest expenses are obviously providing housing and utilities and maintaining transportation for them. There are no staffing expenses, as all of us are volunteers. All teaching, case management, counseling, and support and encouragement are provided out of love. Residents are eligible for food stamps while they are here, but that does not meet all the need for food and does not cover cleaning supplies, household products, personal supplies, paper goods, or even all food needs. It barely covers the basics.

The additional burden of recovery this year, over and above what insurance has covered for the house itself has challenged the ministry and we have been grateful for the support of some special friends. We are almost done with the renovation. As we enter the final quarter of the year, on which most non-profits depend for budget planning for the following year, we are no different. Please consider Titus 2 as you prayerfully consider your charitable giving for 2020. A gift to Titus 2 provides a high impact, direct service to women with no overhead for employee payroll or benefits. Put it to work right here, right now.