Rescued from “Closet Emergencies”

What does the phrase “closet emergency” bring to your mind? Maybe needing new attire for a special event or an overhaul of wardrobe color and style? Well, for… John Brewington, who has reinforced a number of closets for women in recovery at the request of Cathy Byrd, he knows exactly what it means……and what it needs! Additional brackets, longer screws, shelving, sturdy rods, and locating wall studs! John rescued two Titus 2 students from another “closet emergency” yesterday when they walked into their room and found all of their hanging clothes lying on the floor of the closet and holes in the sheetrock!

We are grateful for John’s prompt response to this and other “emergencies” at Titus 2! Titus 2 is the place with the “helpful hardware man”…..John has tool box, comes when called! He’s a hero to our ladies! (And if you saw today’s news, being heroic is not new for John! We are proud and grateful for his military service.)