Deep Fellowship

A mother in recovery discovered at the end of a long and trying day that when satan sought to sabotage her sobriety, God was more present than she had ever known and that God will, if necessary, accompany one all night long, keeping her hands busy while giving her the emotional and psychological strength to know victory over a craving temptation to escape the trials of life.


Her story:

“Recovery is a frame of mind. When one is ready for the truth recovery can be right where you are. I am blessed enough to be able to have my recovery at home. I have responsibilities that cannot be placed on others for me to go to a conventional recovery program. Instead of letting these responsibilities detour my recovery, God is using them to work for my recovery. God meets me where I am.

What started out as an ordinary Thursday turned into an extraordinary time of deep fellowship with the Lord.

The daycare where my son was attending was no longer going to be able to accommodate him. My son’s father was being difficult and ungrateful. I was frustrated with delays at work. I was experiencing persecution by coworkers. My son was running high fevers. I was overwhelmed. Thoughts of using started swirling in my mind and the madness of the frenzy hovered at its edge.  Then reason stepped in. Then conviction. Then prayer. Then fellowship. Then scripture. Then Jesus said, “Come to me, all of you who are weary and carry heavy burdens, and I will give you rest.” Matthew 11: 28.

God met me right there in my circumstances. I cried out in prayer and He was there. God showed me this night deep fellowship, more than I had ever known. And I felt victory over my circumstances which empowered me. I found strength in my weakness which gives my Heavenly Father joy.

In addiction, I would have stayed up all night using. God blessed me by keeping me up all night caring for a feverish child, administering medicine and watching over him. As I watched over my child, God watched over me. My son’s fever broke. And another level of my addiction was broken, as well.

I was weary and heavy burdened, I came to Him and He gave me rest by keeping me up all night in deep fellowship.”