“God Is Ineffable.”

Tonight a discipleship student was sharing some things God was working on in her and she said, “I learned today the words silent and listen are just different arrangements of the same letters! Did you realize that?”

It’s the same way with “evil” and “live”, the impact of one on the other.

Lots of ironies in the English language seem to point to more than just coincidence of the obvious.

A few weeks ago in our “In Christ” Sunday@5 women’s group the word “ineffable” came up in relationship to the unknowable, inexpressible, indescribable scale of the depth and width and breadth of the mystery and majesty of God…… Many of the ways and thoughts of God being so beyond our ability to even grasp, much less understand.

There are a lot of ways one can try to avoid God, gaslight or blame Him, hold Him at a distance, deceive, lie to, deny, defy, disobey, or disregard Him…..

As I thought about how some try to game God, manipulate or use Him without even realizing what a total waste of time and energy is involved in such maneuvering, it occurred to me that urban slang uses a perjorative phrase for such disrespectful or callous treatment of another, sometimes short-handed nowadays as simply
“eff-ing” with someone….. (or “f***ing”). One may get away with such rude, derisive, and disrepectful treatment of another person. But be assured, God is not deceived, mocked or “diss-ed”.
He IS in-“eff”-able. No one will ultimately get away with attempts at such treatment of God.

That’s not exactly how Webster defines that aspect of God, but you can be sure that the concept is grasped by anyone who has landed with the wrong end up after attempting to “eff” with someone bigger, smarter, more powerful or savvy than them…….

Just sayin’…….Don’t try it. It never ends well.

“Profound,” one said.

More like just truth arising from the logic and conduct of the warped worldview of the contemporary culture…… God’s Being is always the bottom line, the irresolvable roadblock, the final Word, no matter what one thinks of Him or how He is treated. He gets the last Word. The final judgment.