Mischief or Coincidence?

A couple of months ago we were awakened in the early morning hours by the sound of a lamp crashing to the floor when an unlatched tilt-in window blew open in a thunderstorm. On another morning I had heard an unusual noise and, upon checking, found that the glass door of an antique curved front cabinet in the adjacent sitting room (that I had moved from home to home for 42 years) had simply cracked into two pieces. Did a cat running through there hit it, perhaps? I didn’t…hear or see one. What could possibly explain such a bizarre thing?

This morning at 4:10am we were suddenly awakened again by a loud crash. This time a somewhat large picture hanging on the wall adjacent to our bed fell off the wall. The small nails holding the metal “teeth” hanger on the back of the picture had turned loose, sending the picture sliding down the wall. I found it resting upright on the floor, covering the baseboard, glass unbroken with the metal bar of teeth lying on the floor by it. After my heart rate returned to normal, I heard Bill say, “I think this room is cursed.” Hmmmmm……perhaps some of the mischief, thievery, and trauma of the past year, during construction and after left some lingering malevolent or mischievous spirit. Time to pull out the hyssop, Bible, and prayer book…..I am not going to have our home, which has been a sanctuary to us, under that kind of pall of darkness or even the suspicion of it.