Bilderberger Basics for the Befuddled

Since what I post has pretty well been dismissed, marginalized and censored by social media’s Big Brothers on Facebook and Twitter, I feel no risk in saying what I think. So here goes…..

I wrote a group of television public service announcements one time in advance of a senate race in Alabama. I had several well known state and local politicians video the PSAs.. In one of them I had written, “Know the influential people in your community”. The politician who was to record that PSA declined to say that. He would only say, “Know your elected officials.” They do not want people to know the moneyed interests that support their election and guide their decisions. Another politician of that era said that he did not support broad voter registration and “get out the vote” efforts. He said if people aren’t educated enough and motivated enough to seek out the issues and vote without being prodded, they didn’t need to vote. It was a season of political education for me.

Things are not always as they appear. The Bilderberg Summitt met last week while elected world leaders distracted our attention to the G-7 meeting and the Trump- Kim Shanghai meeting.  Would-be globalist puppet masters like those who attend Bilderberg summits explain why some elected politicians can be seen as so ineffective and wishy-washy at times. And why “populist” movements must be squashed and demonized by the power-brokers’ puppets. The moneyed power-elite intelligentsia do not trust common people to make “good” decisions. (And, BTW, “good” decisions are defined as being those that are in the best interest of moneyed influencers!) That, too, is why independent operators who gain popular support and who cannot be controlled by Bilderbergers must be marginalized.

The Bilderberg puppet masters for the most part also attempt to control access to information so they can control what they want the masses to know. The current rush to consolidate mega-media corporations appears to be an attempt to rein in and control information sources. Ahhhhh, the wealth and power of nations that is the god of many…….. As the Apostle John observed, “all there is in the world – lust of the flesh, lust of the eyes, and the pride of life!”

One of the greatest things that happened in my life was the transition that occurred in my 40’s out of fascination with “the powers of this world” and introduction to the transcendent life in the Spirit…..the move to being “in the world, but not of the world.” It doesn’t mean I don’t watch and do what I can. It does mean I trust God and can move beyond the disappointments that will be part and parcel of the world. It seems to me that failure to make that transition can result in one becoming cynical, embittered, apathetic, or even perhaps revolutionary and “radicalized” in an effort to change things they will not accept. What ambushed me in more recent years has been how much the institutional church can be so much like other world “powers”… corrupted and controlled by elites with a personal agenda as anything else in the world…….and even desiring to be part of and use the powers of the world.

My father in law was a union organizer in the 30’s and 40’s, during and after the Depression.,  Born in 1906, he left home at 16 after the death of his Father, joined the Navy, but was discharged after basic training after they discovered his age. Later he joined again during World War II and served 4 years. He worked or supervised the production lines of several automobile plants in Detroit most of his adult life.  He came to see the truth of the elite powerbrokers within the unions and political realm, too, discovering that their interests really were not on behalf of the average working man.  It appeared to have educated him through disillusionment and sent him in a different direction.  It seems to be part of maturing and disillusionment with the ways of the world, much like Solomon experienced and reported in Ecclesiastes.   One either becomes corrupted and plays the game, resists and is met with attempts to marginalize and minimize his voice, withdraws in apathetic surrender to what appears to be the inevitable chaos of the world, becomes a “radicalized” non-conformist, or moves toward a transcendent view of life that looks to the time when God’s justice will roll down like waters and righteousness like an ever-flowing stream………Amos 5:24.   Come, Lord Jesus, Come.