Christian Spirituality or Feel-Good Syncretism?

Several people attempted to convince me of the value of the Enneagram in counseling 20 years ago.  I wanted nothing to do with it.   A spiritual friend I see occasionally lives and breathes its principles.  For years I had heard nothing about it from anyone,  with absolutely no regret for it not being a part of my life.   Then this week it has shown up in several lines of sight, including the article referenced by the link below from World Magazine .  The article is not promoting Enneagram.  Author Russell St. John observes:

“A search on the website of Christian Book Distributors yields more than 15 titles applying the Enneagram to Christian counseling, parenting, or church work. And even recently offered “The Enneagram for Pastors,” furnishing shepherding advice to each Enneagram type based on that type’s purported weaknesses.

A personality test may offer true personal insights, but according to the Bible, only the Holy Spirit renews a human mind to live according to God’s “good and acceptable and perfect” will (Romans 12:2). The Bible, not a personality test, reveals His will. While the Holy Spirit may use the Enneagram for spiritual good, He has promised to use the Word, sacraments, and prayer.

Only the Holy Spirit turns information into transformation. Self-knowledge is interesting, but apart from the Holy Spirit it is also impotent.”