GOD…….Always, Everywhere, Forever

Our daughter drove me to the outpatient surgery center in Birmingham, AL this morning for the planned thyroid right lobectomy. We arrived at the door promptly at 5 a.m. and I was registered, gowned, and waiting for the anesthesiologist and surgeon pre-op review and “mark up” by 5:25. LOL!

As I lay there, tears slid down both sides of my face. I wasn’t anxious or afraid. I simply felt the enveloping grief of being in such a situation without Bill for the first time since 1972. Charlotte was right there with me and I am very grateful for her. But even now, almost three years after Bill’s death, another mile maker of widowhood…… going through surgery without his physical presence, comfort, and prayer was an unexpected mini-emotional “cage-rattler.” A sweet young nurse, Katie, walked in to start the IV. I apologized for the obvious sign of emotional distress and assured her it wasn’t anxiety or fear about the procedure, but just a side-swipe of unexpected grief and longing. She was kind and clearly equipped for the moment. She prayed as she, Charlotte, and I held hands.

And we all got down to the additional necessary business of the day.

In the next few moments God reminded me of a dream I’d had soon after Bill’s death in which Bill was sitting next to Jesus and Jesus said to Bill, as I watched and listened from my bed, You are connected to Me here and she is connected to Me there. Because you are both connected to Me, you are still connected to one another.”

Thank you, Lord, for sustaining me in the midst of every new trial. Your loving Presence and steadfast Grace and Peace is sufficient…… Your promise to never leave me and to be my “I Am….”in every need is always enough.
– Amen.

The plural subject nouns (Presence, Grace, and Peace) and singular verb (is) was intentional… For just as all nine aspects of the Fruit of The Spirit are a singular “Fruit,” given, whole and complete through faith In Christ, so is the fullness of the character of God. It may take a while for all aspects of Fruit to mature, but that fullness of maturity, IN US as it is IN CHRIST, IS assuredly God’s design and will!

I am so very blessed to inhabit two realms…… living among God’s people within God’s Kingdom in the earth and abiding in His spiritual realm Presence In Christ’s Holy Spirit forever.

God watches over and protects me by His sovereign and omnipresent transcendent Being.

God touches, relates to, and advocates for me, directing my growth and path by His perfect, humble, gentle, eternal omniscient Christ-borne imminent Word.

God leads, admonishes, and molds my spirit, soul, and body by the gift of His consoling and equipping, omnipotent and intimate Holy Spirit.

God created all, is sovereign over all, “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Roman 8:28