Why Post Messages of Faith on Social Media?

Social media  is a means of ministry for me. I post things that God shows me in the Word. Those are generally longer posts or links to my blog, in an attempt to teach and open up the Word of God for others …. to challenge and invite them into a deeper contemplative life in Christ. Very few people comment or seem to read those posts. But  if one just shares or posts a short meme and people embrace and comment and share it….. Herein lies a problem that I perceive ….. we want quick, easy to understand mini-inspirations. We want someone to give us life’s cliff notes. At Titus, in discipling women, we have long class discussions- often 2 hours or more- covering principles in God’s Word and applying them to our lives.

We are trained by institutional church and religious habit to expect 20 minute, 3 point devotional sermons that focus on 1 or 2 key verses. We seldom engage with the whole of the Word and allow God to take us where he desires.
Just sayin…….. I’d love to be wrong about this. One can almost tell who spends any significant time in listening to God through his Word and Spirit and chewing on the meat of the Word and who just drinks chocolate milk by how engaged they are in hungering and thirsting for righteousness.
Sometimes I feel that social media altogether is a waste of time for me. But God keeps pushing me to share the things that are revealed in times of contemplation or group discipleship discussions. It’s like casting bread on the waters for those who are emaciated spiritually and simply don’t realize it…..God has prohibited me from formal writing for publication but has instead put a passion in me to proclaim his truth wherever and however I can….
I believe in the impossible….. I’ve seen my own words repeated elsewhere by people whom I don’t even know. It just tells me that the Holy Spirit is speaking to and through me, but not me alone….. to and through many and our voices are aligned with the Holy Spirit, growing and becoming a resounding proclamation to the world. Truth is being communicated to the world in many ways, through many people. I have nothing unique to offer, only one more voice in the wilderness. It can feel very alone at times. Other times I am overcome by the things God reveals and allows me to see.