Whole-heartedness is called for again and again in God’s Word. When I was an adolescent I gave my little baby-heart to Jesus….all that I knew of myself to all that I knew of Him. I recognized the sinful nature of humankind, even my own, and the need for a Savior. But there were parts of my life that had not yet even come into being – marriage, parenting, financial decisions, career, sexuality, and so much more.

At 38 I realized that there were parts of my heart that had come into being over which I was exercising dominion. I knew a whole lot more about sinfulness, especially my own, and a bit more about God than I had 26 years earlier. So, at that age, I gave the rest of my “heart” (indeed, my very soul) to Christ and He became more than my Savior. He became my Lord.

Over the next five years as I hungered and thirsted for righteousness and grew in knowledge of the Truth of the Word, I was challenged again at 43 to give Him all of my mind…… to quit quibbling about perceived contradictions in the Word and arguing about cultural standards versus God’s. A few years later, as I felt the call to full time vocational ministry, I gave Christ all of my strength for as long as He would desire to use me. It is still a daily challenge at 65 to live into the whole-heartedness of LIFE IN CHRIST!

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