Evolving Resolutions

For 2020 (and forever): Daily hosting Christ in my heart, inviting God to be The Transcendent, The Immanent, The Indwelling One according to all that THE GREAT I AM desires to be in me.

There was a time when I signed personal correspondence with this- “Expecting the BEST!” I was driven by a desire for excellence and had high expectations for myself and others (which, I suspect, was more than a little burdensome to others!)

Then after a particularly holy communion experience during which the pastor said to me, “God’s BEST has been given for you!” I realized that my expectation for the BEST had already been met in Jesus Christ so I began signing, “Experiencing God’s BEST daily!” It reminds me that, while there are attributes of God that are being tilled and cultivated in my life, God is still God- omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient and there are some aspects of God that I will never know except as God chooses to reveal them as He dwells in me.