Ask, Seek, Knock

“Ask, Seek, Knock” is a concept the Lord had me explore deeply years ago….

Asking implies curiosity or a desire for information, but not necessarily a deep desire to know.

Seeking suggests that one has a good idea of what it is he is looking for, that it holds some known or potential value, and he will most likely “know it when he sees it”…..

Knocking speaks loudly and clearly of having found what it is one desires and being ready to take possession of it, like the bridegroom having come for his bride. It reveals a progressive process of growing in knowledge, understanding, obedience, and wisdom about the things of the Kingdom and how to possess them.

The famous painting of Jesus at the door knocking shows clearly that Christ knows the value of our heart and is at the door, ready to take possession.  But, as many have observed, there is no handle on the outside.  It can only be opened from inside.