Digital Scream

“The Scream”

From post on 11/8/21……. Nothing has changed.

“May I just say I abhor government websites that are necessary to do any transaction at every level- city, county, state, and federal. My chest tightens and I hyperventilate trying to negotiate their lengthy “secure” and tedious online systems. I’d rather spend money on postage for certified mail or drive 30 miles to an office to see a person. And government automated phone systems are equally a nuisance. Computerization was supposed to make life easier and simpler. For whom? Government? I do not find that it has done either one for me. The bulk of my life frustration is around a government demand for online interaction to comply with some bureaucratic checklist. One can’t even mail in a hard copy tax return any longer. I’m ready to drop out of Big Brother’s digital world.

This year has been fraught with online problems with banks, too. They upgrade their software and it takes months to work out the “ bugs”. You try to talk to someone on a customer service line and it took me six weeks to troubleshoot a problem with at least 5 different online service reps, getting transferred, calls dropped, etc.

In another issue it took six weeks also to get a replacement credit card after two unrecognized charges for $5.95 resulted in it having to be cancelled. And the multiple delays were all over a change of address from my move in February which had previously been sent to them . What is the point of notifying businesses of changes of address of it never gets to the data entry clerk responsible for putting the change in the system?

I am so over digital and auto phone system business of any kind.