Yes, Sheep

When I see the degree of spiritual bondage some people are in as I talk to them and discover how spiritually immature and incapable of helping themselves they are, I realize why Jesus likened people to sheep. One can almost hear it in the voice of some who are desperately in need of a Shepherd: “Baaaa…..baaa”. And it is true, the Enemy of one’s soul prowls around stalking, tormenting, and waiting to pounce. Seeing how vulnerable some are and how the Enemy has left his marks makes me both angry and sad. Teaching, discipling and equipping such women to hear, know and follow the Good Shepherd’s Voice is part of the work to which I am called. One never knows when, where, and through whom the opportunity for some of us “undershepherds” will come to assist another one into the fold or when a “sheepdog” will be deployed to send the Enemy fleeing. Sometimes the Enemy is actually present. Other times one simply can see the impact of his coming and going. (CBB 10/28/17)