Living like there are unlimited tomorrows….

At 56 years old, I’m living my life and making plans as if I have plenty of time to realize the goals I’m setting. Just a few days ago I was talking to my husband about something in our home that we’d had a while…..25 years to be exact. As soon as I realized that and considered how quickly those 25 years seemed to have passed, I thought about where I might be 25 years from now……at 81 years of age. I teach a Sunday School class where many of the members are over 80. They are active, cheerful, vital people.

This week our ladies at Bethel Village will be hosting a lady, Vicki Dees, also in her 50’s, who is coming to give her testimony. Vicki has cancer. Two years ago she was given a matter of weeks to months to live. But, by the grace of God, she’s outlived the medical professionals’ prognosis. Her sister says that it is Vicki’s passion for sharing her love of Jesus with others that has kept her alive.

One’s expectations of life can change quickly at any age. But seeing how the lives of one’s contemporaries have turned overnight brings home the fact of how precarious our plans for our own lives can be.

I’ll continue to make plans, long term and immediate, and thank God for each day that I am privileged to work toward seeing them realized.