Universe expanding…..

I’ve read before that our universe is in the process of expanding, everything moving outward from the center and enlarging all the time. Now I have a close, first hand experience of that myself.

Just over a week ago our son and his family moved from thirteen hours away to just across the street. It is a dream come true! And all of a sudden our lives are very much enlarged with the prospect of more expansion all the time! I find myself noticing things more…..the fruit juice pops on the end cap at the store that suddenly will be eaten at my house. I never would have noticed those before or considered purchasing them. I’ve expressed concern to my daughter in law about having a conversation with the oldest grandaughter, preparing her for the looser moral environment that a seaside, recreation and leisure focused culture embodies. Parenting, even in a once-removed mode, in such an environment has never been required of me before. We are more conscious of entertainment opportunities for the family than my husband and I would have been for just the two of us.

Yes, our universe has enlarged. What a fun and exciting phenomenon to behold!